Why GM's PONTIAC G6 matters in the Marketplace!


2009 / 2010  PONTIAC G6  SE  4-Door  Sports Sedan

Standard Features:  (Fully Loaded)

2.4L ECOTEC 4 Cylinder Engine with Variable Valve Timing (VVT)& Sequential Fuel Injection (SFI) System. (164 hp @ 6,400 rpm and 156 ib-ft @ 5000 rpm Torque.);

4-sp Automatic Transmission (6-sp Auto Trans - Optional);

Power Steering, Power 4-wheel Disc Brakes with ABS, 4-wheel Independent Suspension, Traction Control, Super Rigid GM Epsilon Chassis Platform;

Power Door Locks, Power Windows, Power Mirrors, Power Driver Seat, Air-Condition, Cruise Control, Variable Intermittent Windshield wipers, Tinted Glass, Rear Window Defogger, Front and Side Curtain Air-Bags, Remote Keyless Entry System, AM/FM/CD Stereo System with MP3 Playback, iPod / MP3 Auxiliary Audio Jack, Tilt and Telescopic Steering Column, Custom Cloth Reclining Bucket Seats, Rear 60/40 Split Folding Seat, Center Storage Console, 17" Aluminum Wheels, OnStar Communication System, GM Oil-Lif Monitoring System, Battery Run-Down Protection, Full Instrumentation, Power Trunk Release, Plus many more.


ENERGUIDE CANADA Fuel Consumption Sticker. (Left Sample)

Fuel Consumption Guide is the most reliable and reputable guide. 

All New Vehicles sold in Canada must display the ENERGUIDE CANADA's Fuel Consumption Sticker on the vehicle window until they are sold. 



PONTIAC G6 V6 - More Power For Less Money!

More Horse Power and Torque At Lower

Revolutions Per Minute (RPM) =

Better Performance.  


1) PONTIAC G6 SE V6  3.5 L V6  - $25,225 + $1,500 (V6)


    PONTIAC G6 GT V6  3.5 L V6 - $28,500

                                          Horsepower - 219 hp @3200 rpm     

                                           Torque -       221 Ib-Ft @3200 rpm

2) AUDI A4 FrontTrack -  $41,200

                                         Horsepower - 211 hp @4300 rpm 

                                        Torque -       258 Ib-Ft @1500 rpm

3) VOLVO S60  - $36,395

                                        Horsepower - 208 hp @5800 rpm 

                                         Torque -       236 Ib-Ft @2900 rpm

4) Lexus IS250  2.5 L V6- $33,600

                                        Horsepower - 204 hp @6400 rpm 

                                         Torque -        185 Ib-Ft @4800 rpm

5) MERCEDES BENZ C230 2.5 L V6  $37,300

                                         Horsepower - 201 hp @6100 rpm 

                                         Torque -       181 Ib-Ft @2900 rpm


                                         Horsepower - 200 hp @6100 rpm 

                                        Torque -       207 Ib-Ft @2900 rpm

7) BMW 323i  2.5 L V6 - $37,500

                                        Horsepower - 200 hp @6100 rpm 

                                         Torque -       180 Ib-Ft @2900 rpm

8) ACURA TSX  -  $32,900

                                        Horsepower - 201 hp @6100 rpm 

                                         Torque -       170 Ib-Ft @2900 rpm

PONTIAC G6 SE V6 and PONTIAC G6 GT V6 are the clear winner!


"G6 is the best handling front-wheel-drive sedan under $40,000 I have ever tested."

- David Booth, CanWest News Service




"The Pontiac G6 holds great promise of still better things to come from General Motors. Latest Pontiac is a fun drive and the interior is driver-oriented.

A good sport mid-size with full-size capacities for occupants and cargo."

- Keith Morgan, THE PROVINCE Newspaper


GM PONTIAC G6 can beat the Import compact cars in Fuel Economy.

 ENERGUIDE CANADA  Miles Per Gallon:        City        Highway   Average

1) GM PONTIAC G6 -        30.0    48.0   39.0    

      (2.4L 4 Cyl - 6 Sp Auto)

2) Hyundai Elantra -                         32.0        43.0       37.5 

    (2.0L 4 Cyl - 4 Sp Auto)

3) Nissan Sentra -                             32.0         43.0      37.5

    (2.5L 4 Cyl - Var Auto)

4) Toyota Corolla -                            30.0          43.0     36.5

     (2.4L 4 Cyl - 5 Sp Auto)            

5) Mazda 3 -                                       30.0          42.0     36.0

     (2.3L 4 Cyl - 5 Sp Auto) 

6) Honda Civic -                                 28.0          42.0     35.0

    (2.0L 4 Cyl - 6 Sp Manual)                  

7) Mitsubishi Lancer -                       29.0          38.0      33.5

    (2.4L 4 Cyl - Var Auto)                   

8) Volkswagen Jetta -                       27.0          39.0      33.0

     (2.0L 4 Cyl - 6 Sp Auto)      

9) Subaru Impreza -                           27.0          37.0      32.0

    (2.5L 4 Cyl - 4 Sp Auto)


Surprise! Surprise! Surprise! 

ENERGUIDE CANADA's Fuel Economy Data has proven that the GM PONTIAC G6 4 Cylinder - 6 Speed Automatic has the best gas mileage than even the Import Compact Cars.

Imagine, the Bigger, Heavier Mid-size PONTIAC G6 actually gets better gas mileage than the Smaller, Lighter Import Compact Cars with comparable engine and transmission! 


So far, it is a fact that GM's PONTIAC G6 can beat many popular and best cars the Imports have to offer. PONTIAC G6 is Number 1 on three comparison lists above. 

Shouldn't GM's PONTIAC G6 be the number 1 best selling car in North America.

Yes, you now have a chance and the opportunity to make GM's PONTIAC G6 the number best selling car in North America.

You can make it happen and make money at the same time. 


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Read Up On STEVE LYNCH'S "ARROGANCE AND ACCORD: The Inside Story Of The HONDA Scandal"

Also Find Out On The Web About TOYOTA And HONDA Transmission Problems. 


PONTIAC G5 XFE Sedan and Coupe

2.2 Litre 4 Cylinder Engine - 5 Speed Manual Transmission.




City: 35 MPG   Highway: 52 MPG

Average: 43.5 Miles Per Gallon. 

US MPG - divide by 1.2.

US - 36.25 MPG


Best Fuel Economy in the Compact Car Class.



PONTIAC G6 is the last remaining PONTIAC before it is gone, perhaps forever, by August, 2010 or the last remaining is sold. PONTIAC will be phased out by December 31, 2010, unless Sales picks up rapidly.

The PONTIAC G5 is a re-badged CHEVROLET COBALT. The PONTIAC G8 is a limited production High performance model from GM's Australia's HOLDEN Division. The PONTIAC SOLSTICE ended production on July 31, 2009. With the PONTIAC VIBE gone by AUGUST-31-2009, You have a Last Chance To Save The PONTIAC G6 and PONTIAC.  

ENERGUIDE CANADA's Fuel Economy Data shows that both the PONTIAC G6 4 Cylinder & V6 models beats every popular Import models in 2 Car Classes.

The PONTIAC G6 is a true Import Fighter. The PONTIAC G6 still have a fighting chance to be the Number 1 Best Selling Car in North America. 

Only You Can Do It! Create a Sales Surge and a big demand for the PONTIAC G6. 

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