For years, a great many US politicians have allowed Import Car Companies to set up factories in their Home State. They have allowed these Companies to build cars in these factories with Temporary and Part-time Non-Union Labour, which may be violating US Federal Labour Laws.

These politicians may have turned a blind eye and allowed these Car Companies to thrive, Profit and dominate the North American Car market.

These politicians in turn have the gall and the nerve to tell GM, Ford and Chrysler to try harder and that they don't build good cars! The Import Car Companies are not playing in the Level Playing Field. It has been an unfair competition for a long time. 

This whole mess may be these politicians doing. Some even have the audacity to suggest No to an Auto Bail-out To GM and Chrysler.

It is Pay-Back Time with North American Tax Payer's Money to Save the 2nd Largest Industry after the Financial Industry. Tens of Billions of dollars have been invested in GM and Chrysler.

Now, you have the opportunity, as Tax-Payer and Shareholders of GM and Chrysler to do your part in creating a Sales Surge for the Domestic Auto Industry.

Millions of jobs may be at stake around the world where GM vehicles are sold  and Parts are made. 

Parts and Manufacturing Companies in US, Canada, Mexico, Great Britain, Germany, China, Japan, South Korea, Australia, Russia, India, and from many other Countries, that supply GM, may be at stake. 

We, the People, have a CRUSADE, a Mission and a Goal to Create a Sales Surge for GM and PONTIAC Vehicles. 



Billionaire Art L. Williams had a Crusade and a Mission back in 1977, to show Middle Income Families how to Save Money on Term Life Insurance and Invest The Difference in Mutual Funds that made them money. 


Art Williams started in 1977 in Atlanta, Georgia, USA with 87 people. It soon grew to several thousand people in a few short years. The A. L. Williams Corporation grew to more than 300,000 reps throughout U.S. and Canada, and now is Primerica Financial Services.


He did it without the benefit of the Fax Machine, the PC and the Internet. 


Today, in 2009, we should be so lucky with the PC and the Internet that we can contact the world and build a large team. 


You have a Crusade and a Mission to Bail-Out General Motors and Save PONTIAC, and make money while doing it. 


We will do for GM and PONTIAC G6 Sales what Art Williams did for Term Life Insurance & Mutual Fund Sales, that is being number 1 in sales.


Your Mission is to invite as many people as possible to your GDI website and click on to our website. Build a large team of Downline Reps and Market and Sell the PONTIAC G6. 

Make Desiples  of your recruits. Show people why the PONTIAC G6 beats out the Import Car Competitors in Fuel Economy, Price, Power and Style.

Create an Internet Phenomena and Sensation worldwide and Make Money!

Art Williams would motivate you and tell you to "Just Do It and Do It." 



This is considered to be a fraud proof business.

Actual Clients with proper, valid Photo ID  Driver Licenses, and proper Bank Account Cheques & Void Cheques are required to complete the Vehicle Lease or Loan Contract Transactions; and Vehicle Insurance purchases from Authorized Dealers or Brokers. 

All kinds of Fraud, ID Thefts and Scams are not Accepted or Tolerated. 

Privacy Policy: All personal & client's confidential information and e-mail addresses must be protected or destroyed. No above mentioned confidential information are to be released, transferred or revealed to any unauthorized individuals and/or third party organizations or companies. 



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