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600,000 PONTIAC G6's X $18,000 / G6 = $10,800,000,000.  


That is right, Folks. That will be 10 Billion, 800 Million Dollars in Potential Gross Sales Revenues for GM's PONTIAC Division!


Your Chance to Create A Sales Surge For PONTIAC G6's.

At about 600,000 G6 Sales, this will make the PONTIAC G6 the Number One best selling car in North America.

In 2008, about 150,000 PONTIAC G6's were sold.  GM needs all the help it can get.


The Import Car Companies will Not Like Our Website and our Plan For GM's PONTIAC.

Check out why below in the Fuel Economy Comparisons where the 2009 PONTIAC G6 ranks Number One over all the popular imports in 2 Car Classes. 


General Motors is a very big Publicly Traded Company, the World's Largest Auto Manufacturer. 

Millions of Shareholders, about two hundred and fifty thousand employees and Parts Suppliers from around the world depend on GM to be in operation.

Lots of jobs, investors' profit and the World's Economy are at stake. 

It is the Interest of the Public's Good to Bail-out GM and help it to thrive and compete in the tight competitive Worldwide Auto Market.

US, Canadian and Ontario Provincial Governments / Tax Payers' Money has been given as necessary Bail-out Money to keep GM viable. 

You can have an opportunity to help out by creating a Sales Surge for 2010 PONTIAC G6's, which will mostly be sold to Fleet Rental Companies. 

All GM Vehicles are available for Lease-To-Own or Purchase Financed.

There are thousands of GM Dealerships throughout US and Canada. So the distribution system is huge and wide.

You have a chance to build your own CANAM-BOND FINANCIAL GROUP Internet Web Distribution System worldwide connecting all your reps to all the GM dealerships in their local area.

Your only inventory are your GDI web page with our URL Link; and People, lots and lots of People. This is a People's Business.

Your only equipment is your Computer, the Internet and your Web Business Super Card as the Web Tools.

Harness the Power of the Internet and Let People Power do the work. Join as many Social Sites as possible. Create an Internet phenomena and sensation. You can do it.




Rows and rows and acres and acres of 2009 / 2010 PONTIAC G6's and CHEVROLET MALIBU's to be Leased or Purchase Financed!

The PONTIAC G6 and the Chevrolet Malibu are manufactured in Lake Orion Township, Michigan. They share the same Super Rigid GM's "Epsilon Platform."


Oprah Winfrey gave away 276 New 2005 PONTIAC G6's to her audience members in September, 2004.



SMART:  Save Money And Reduce Taxes

Why Lease-To-Own Financing:

If your Clients are Self-Employed, Sales Agents/Brokers,  Business Owners or Entrepreneurs, then Leasing will provide them with Potential Income Tax Benefits. 

Otherwise, a Lease will be like a Car Loan but with lower monthly payments than a Purchase Financing Car Loan.   

These are a dozen of our 37 Reasons why your clients should Lease-To-Own Financed a Car:

1) Lease monthly payments pay for the depreciation of the car.

2) Leasing hedges against depreciation. 

3) Leasing hedges against inflation. 

4) Tomorrow's money pay for today's car price. 

5) 100% Tax write-off from monthly lease payments.  (Consult your Accountant / Financial Tax Adviser for your Tax implications in your area.)

6) Pay sales tax through monthly lease payments rather than through the total price of the car. 

7) Affordable monthly lease payments rather than paying up front lump-sum car price. 

8) Flexible End-Of-Term Option to Buy-out car, or Return car and Lease another new car.

9) Leasing help conserve your Company Capital for other uses, only small monthly capital outlay for monthly Lease payments. 

10) Fixed monthly lease payment amount is guaranteed throughout the Lease Term. 

11) After Tax Net Cost Of Leasing the car may be less than any other forms of Financing. 

12) Time Value of Money: Leasing can outpace Inflation, Depreciation and Deficit.  




First, Last and/or Security Deposit Initial Payment Cheques will be paid by your Client to an Authorized Dealer, Broker or Funder only when the Car Lease or Loan Deal is Approved by the Authorized Dealers, Brokers or Funders. 

Any and all client's confidential documents and personal information must be protected or be destroyed and none must be exposed to any unauthorized individuals.


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